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Rev. Kwabena Mensah

I want the whole world to experience Grace@Ease living communities. I love inviting my friends and family over to enjoy this safe and peaceful setting. I am having a fantastic experience. I feel like I am abroad & yet this is Ghana

Mr. Anderson Yaw

As the business owner of a construction consulting firm, I am happy with the level of quality and finish that my townhome offers. The innovative, modern design makes me love where I live.

The Josephs

“For us to buy a house, we needed a place that offered mortgage support and payment flexibility. Grace@Ease offered both.”

Mr. Asare Carter

I love my new home because immediately after it was handed over to me, I was offered a well screened tenant waiting to rent it. Buying from Grace@Ease was one of the best investment decisions I have made and my wife agrees.


What to expect

The greenest community has within it rental apartment, green areas with children play ground, commercial areas and a nearby school to make life easy for residence.

  • Being close to Nature
  • Participate in conserving our Ecosystem and Ozone layer.
  • providing and assisting individuals and firms to patronise lands
  • Commercial building partnership
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Car parking
  • 3450 square Ft
What To Expect

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